CMS vs Framework? Which is better to choose?

CMS vs Framework. A clear and detailed comparison. Before comparing them you have to be clear about what you need, how much your budget is, how much you know about web technologies, etc. This comparison mostly depends on these parameters. Content: Definitions Type of websites can be built Admin panel or Dashboard Security Cost Developers […]

What is CMS – Content Management System?

Content Management System Content What CMS stands for? Structure Common Features Popular CMS Websites can be built How to build a website What CMS stands for? Here the full form of CMS is Content Mangement System. CMS is a web-based software application. It can be used to create websites and also to manage the creation […]

JSON & AJAX tutorial for beginners – Make a Clear Concept

What is JSON & AJAX? JSON & AJAX are the terms of javascript. JSON is a data format used for handling data with the server. We can store & receive data from the server easily. And AJAX is used for receiving data from the server on the browser without reloading or refreshing the browser.  Before […]

Create a Custom Widget in WordPress Theme or Plugin

What is a widget in WordPress? WordPress widgets are the combination of some code which is made for a specific purpose but use dynamically. You can create a custom widget in WordPress & display in different places of your theme. WordPress provides many default widgets. To view them go to admin dashboard Appearance >> Widgets. […]