CMS vs Framework. A clear and detailed comparison. Before comparing them you have to be clear about what you need, how much your budget is, how much you know about web technologies, etc. This comparison mostly depends on these parameters.


CMS and Framework

What is the framework? A framework is a combination of libraries which provides the specific features and functionalities of the libraries. Just have look this video:

Nowadays the most popular web frameworks are Laravel, Django, Ruby on Rails, etc. With these frameworks, you can build high-quality web applications.

CMS means a Content Management System just like a web application which helps to develop a website easily & manage the content from the back-end. The most popular CMSes are WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, etc. If you want to know more about CMS see this article.

The Comparison of CMS vs Framework :

Type of websites can be built:

Nowadays you can build any type of website with a CMS. Though these CMS starts with specific features their flexibility has made them so versatile. For example, WordPress starts for blogging purpose. But now you can build any type of website with it.

With a framework, you also can build any type of website but you will need more preparation for it. On a framework there may only the basic features. You will need to configure and make advanced features by yourself.

Admin panel or Dashboard:

Admin panel or dashboard

On a CMS you will have a built-in dashboard from where you can control your website and also the content. An admin panel gives the most helpful and pleasuring flexibility.

And also from a framework, you may get an admin panel or dashboard if the developers develop a custom admin panel for you. And of course, you may be charged for it.


This an important issue. On a CMS you may use third-party plugins which may make a security issue. But there are also many advanced free plugins which can make your server & also the content more secure. Just you have to use the plugins carefully.

On a framework, the security totally depends on your development skills or your developer’s service. They can make it more secure or vulnerable.


A CMS makes your development work more easy & less time consuming than the websites with frameworks. As less time & less labour is needed so the cost also is less. But if you want to make a custom website with custom UI & functionality it may take much budget. But in this case, you will get a quality full website.

In the case of a framework, there is less scope to minimize time & labour. As a result, the cost will be higher than CMS.

Developers Availability:

You can build a website fully without having any developer. But this requires time and labour. If you have enough time you can build your website by yourself. But if you need a custom and a quality full website you should take the help of experts. And the interesting thing is that there are thousands of expert developers/designers to help you.

In the case of a framework, you can’t build your website by yourself if you aren’t a techy person & also a programmer. And you may need to hire a team or company rather than a single developer which makes the work more costly. And the availability of the expert team is less. But an expert team or company can give you a better experience.

Free Components:

There are thousands of free themes and plugins for your website. You can change the visual design & also can add functionality without anyone’s help.

There are less free components for the framework. If you want to change anything or add anything you will need the help of a developer.


Everything has its own value. Everything about the CMS and framework is now clear to you. Choose the best one for your own use-case.

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